Monday, March 15, 2010

Ryan Lochte to compete in JAX 50 Sprint Duel Challenge on April 10-11 in Jacksonville, Florida

On April 10-11, 2010, the Bolles School will host the JAX 50 Sprint Duel Challenge in Jacksonville, Florida. The Challenge will award $10,000 in prize money to professional swimmers. A portion of the proceeds from the Challenge (25%) will be used to raise money to support a bone marrow donation center. The money is being raised in an effort to find a bone marrow donor for Bolles graduate Seun Adebiyi, a Nigerian Olympic hopeful who was diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma and stem-cell leukemia.

The meet format is really cool and unlike any other swim meet I've ever heard of. Here's how it will work:

In the morning prelims on Saturday, April 10, age group swimmers will particpate in a 50-yard freestyle race in a short course (25 yard) pool. The two fastest boys and two fastest girls for each age group will advance to the afternoon finals. In the finals, the 16 qualifiers will each be paired with a professional swimmer of the opposite sex to form a team. The boys will compete against boys and girls will compete against girls in 2-person 50-yard freestyle races in a round-robin, single-elimination tournament. Points will be awarded as teams advance. Losing teams will be eliminated each round until a winner emerges.

Here's how the $10,000 in prize money will be divided:

1st place = $3,000.00
2nd place= $2,500.00
3rd place= $1,500.00
4th place= $1,000.00
5th place= $800.00
6th place = $600.00
7th place = $400.00
8th place = $200.00

On Sunday, April 11, the professional swimmers will host a clinic for the age group swimmers.

In addition to Ryan, other professional swimmers who are expected to attend are Matt Grevers, Cullen Jones, Amanda Weir, Caitlin Geary and George Bovell.

The Challenge's official website can be found at An Swimming World Magazine article about the Challenge can be read at

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