Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mike Gustafson Interview with Ryan Lochte on

Most fans of Ryan have probably already read this article & interview, but I wanted to post it here on the off chance someone hasn't read it yet. It talks about Ryan's appeal to swimming fans, which is that he lets people see his true personality and doesn't try to be perfect. This is precisely what I find to be compelling about him, in addition to his achievements in swimming.

It's the same reason I prefer non-fiction over fiction. I like real people, faults and all. To me, real people are infinitely more interesting than a public relations image.

The article/interview is really well written and fun to read. It talks about Ryan's philanthropy, which is more involved than I knew.

In terms of swimming, Ryan says there is a lot more he wants to accomplish. Ryan still hasn't been able to swim breaststroke, which is concerning. I'm starting to think he may not be able to defend his 200 IM world record at nationals this summer. On the bright side, it will free him up to concentrate on 100/200 back and 100/200 free. Will he also try for the 400 free? We'll have to wait and see.

One comment on the article though...I hate the nickname "Lochtenator" Ugh. It's Reezy :)

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